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SPAS Specifications & Parts
SPAS12 specifications, exploded diagram and parts sources.

What's a "Recalled Safety?"
You might want to know

SPAS Assembly/Disassembly
Detailed 33 step procedure, photo illustrated.  For simple field stripping see the Users Manual in Franchi Brochures and User's Manuals.

Where's the O-Ring Go?
During reassembly, just exaclty what do I do with the o-ring?

Common SPAS12 Repairs
The most common repairs I am asked about.

Two Different Operating Handle Styles
Two Styles of the Operating Handle (26) and Breech Block Slide (24)

What is a Pre-Ban SPAS vs. a Post-Ban SPAS
What's an auction mean, "pre-ban?"

SPAS, SAS,and LAW Stocks
What I know, so far, about the stock options for the Franchi guns.

SPAS, SAS, and LAW Magazine Tubes
They are quite different.

SPAS Factory Accessories
It slices, it dices.

My SPAS Won't Work in Semiauto!
What ammo have you tried?

How can you touch up or refinish your SPAS?

SPAS12 Barrel Markings
They are hid under the heat shield.

SPAS12 Barrel Lengths
Barrel lengths and front site placement

SPAS Date Codes
The Italian Government says these are the date codes

SPAS Metal-Piercing Shot
See a SPAS-12 shoot through 8 mm (0.310") steel plate, 4 layers of bulletproof glass!

Where Can I Buy Guns and Parts For Other Franchi Guns?
Here is about everything I know for the USA.  More information is appreciated.

Also see Franchi Brochures and User's Manuals

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