Franchi SPAS12

Specifications, Parts Diagram, and Sources

Specifications  (Click here for full factory specifications)
GAUGE/CHAMBER 12 ga.  2 3/4 inch chamber (Do NOT attempt to shoot 3" Shells. Why not?)
OPERATION  Pump action or gas operated semi-automatic
BARREL  21.5 inches
CHOKE Cylinder  (Note 1,2)
SIGHTS  Ghost ring sights
CAPACITY 2, 6, 7, or 8 plus 1 in barrel  (Note 3)
WEIGHT, EMPTY 9 pounds 10 oz.

Note 1: Everybody says "Cylinder", but every SPAS-12 I've gauged has been halfway between "3/4 Choke" and  "Improved Cylinder."  Then I did some measurements and found the whole barrel is between the diameters of a 3/4 choke and an improved cylinder, right from the forcing cone to the tip of the barrel.  So, it isn't choked but is undersize.  I found out this is not uncommon on European shotguns.

Note 2: Other external choke tubes are available.

Note 3:  A very complex question. Franchi's brochure says 2 + 1 or 6 + 1 with an extension.  The picture they show has an extension one shell short of the full barrel length.  Most guns I see have a longer extension that is the full length of the barrel, which would then make the gun a 7 + 1.  Many folks say the gun is 8 + 1 because it is possible to put 8 crimped-type shells into the 21.5" magazine.  And if you use end-disk type shells (which are longer), the maximum is 7 in the magazine. (See Magazine Capacities for more info on the effect of shell types.)  The FIE User's Manual says 8 + 1.  The original Franchi export manual says 7 + 1.
I prefer to use a spring meant for a 10 round magazine and only put 7 shells in to give it the extra room it needs -- I've seen the factory spring fail to feed that 8th shell on many occasions.

Date Codes

The SPAS uses standard Italian Date codes, which can be found on the receiver near the magazine tube.  It's with the other marks made by the proofing house.

Italian Date Code Year Italian Date Code Year Italian Date Code Year Italian Date Code Year
XXVI 1970 AA 1975 BA 1991 CA 2006
XXVII 1971 AB 1976 BB 1992 CB 2007
XXVIII 1972 AC 1977 BC 1993 CC 2008
XXIX 1973 AD 1978 BD 1994 CD 2009
XX 1974 AE 1979 BF 1995 CF 2010
    AF 1980 BH 1996 CH 2011
    AH 1981 BI 1997 CI 2012
    AI 1982 BL 1998 CL 2013
    AL 1983 BM 1999 CM 2014
    AM 1984 BN 2000 CN 2015
    AN 1985 BP 2001 CP 2016
    AP 1986 BS 2002 CS 2017
    AS 1987 BT 2003 CT 2018
    AT 1988 BU 2004 CU 2019
    AU 1989 BZ 2005 CZ 2020
    AZ 1990        

Exploded Parts Diagrams

and improved 300 DPI!!!

I found that the original drawing from Franchi for the SPAS-12 was incomplete, and that a few more parts and details relevant to the SPAS-12 were in the LAW-12 manual.  So while this remains a SPAS-12 diagram and list, it has been augmented with information from the later manuals. 

Entire Gun (small image)
Entire Gun (big image)
Trigger Assembly

Parts List in English

Source - Chris (your host) Is Making Certain Parts

I have begun to make certain parts that have become unavailable or overpriced.  It was a shame to see guns taken out of use, sometimes parted out, due to the lack of a small plastic part.

 Click here for information.

Scott C's Parts

Scott used to be a good source of parts, but as of late he only has over-priced junk and is passing out some really bad information.  I'd stay away if I were you.

Source - (Numrich Arms) SPAS12 Parts

This is the major supplier of used gun parts in the USA.  They have just started to list SPAS12 parts here.

Source - Classified Ads

Check eBay,, , etc. for parts as they often show up there.  (That's how I got my scope mount.)

Check the ads here at

Tips - Parts Scarce As Hen's Teeth

The SPAS12 and SPAS15 are no longer in production and Franchi has changed hands since they stopped.  Parts are becoming hard to get.

These are the parts that seem to be in demand, but difficult to get.  I'll also add the availability and last price I saw for each:
Folding Stock (don't forget, three types)
$420 - $475
Hook for Stock (OEM)
Very Rare
$125 - $300
Magazine Extension (long)
$200 - $300
Magazine Extension (short)
Trigger Group (Cross-bolt)
Trigger Group (Lever)
Choke Tubes
$65 - $149
Divertor or Spreader (both pieces)
$400 - $500
Scope Mount
Something over $300
Factory Tool
$52 - $82

(Any emails asking where to buy any of the above will be ignored.)

You will never, ever be able to buy a replacement receiver, just a new gun.  The receiver is considered to be "the gun" by the ATF, so importing a receiver is importing a gun, which is banned.

Tips - Receiver Shock Absorber -- Part #6

There are two styles of Receiver Shock Absorber, Part #6.  They are generally called the "new" and "old" styles:

Old Style (Above)

New Style (Above)
Black part is metal -- can be ckecked with a magnet.  Many have a "belly button" in the middle.

Make sure you know which one you need and get the right one -- I sell them here.  Note the "old" style goes into a cone-shaped recess, the new goes into a cylinder-shaped hole.

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