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SPAS Safety Recall Does Your SPAS or LAW Have a Receiver Shock Absorber?
Important Safety Information on the lever-style safety on the
SPAS12, SAS12, and LAW12.   It is very Dangerous!   A product  safety recall was issued.

If you have the lever-style safety, click here!!

Or are you breaking up your receiver with every shot?  If you have an empty  hole like this:

Then you are over-stressing the poor Aluminum receiver with each shot, creating and expanding tiny stress fracture cracks that will someday meet up and make your receiver a two-piece.

 Click Here for more information.  SAS12 Owners, information for you there too.
2 3/4" Chambers My Replacement Parts

The SPAS and the LAW are chambered for 2 3/4" shells -- they are not chambered for 3" shells!! 
Do not fire 3" shells!!

For more information click here. (The SAS is chambered for 3")

Replacements for Formerly Unavailable Parts:
  • Receiver Shock Absorbers
  •  Folding Stock Shock Absorbers 
  • Grip Inserts
  • Replacement O-Rings & Bumpers
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