SPAS-12 Assembly/Disassembly

This is the complete full disassembly procedure.   For simple field stripping see the Users Manual in Franchi Brochures and User's Manuals.

This procedure is an excerpt from the book The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Part V: Shotguns by DBI Books.  This book contains detailed disassembly procedures for over 40 shotguns.  Other volumes in the set cover handguns, rifles, assault weapons, and more.  These are an excellent resource you should not be without.  Click for more information and other firearms books by their publisher Krause Publications.

Click below for an Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the manual, about a 0.8 MB download of a single PDF file.


New!  A Video on Field Stripping and Reassembly!

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