SPAS Refinishing

This section might be better called "Can you refinish your Franchi SPAS?" because there aren't any simple answers.

Factory Finish
The factory finish on a SPAS is a phosphate finish.  (On the steel parts, anodize on the aluminum receiver).  This is an inexpensive finish that is a bit soft and not all that durable.  One good thing about a phosphate finish is it can hold a large load of oil or grease for protection.

Phosphate is normally a charcoal gray.  Some people think the SPAS is Parkerized due to the green tint.  A refinisher I know tells me the green comes from Cosmoline rubbed into the phosphate.

Touch Up
I'm afraid I really don't have any idea how to touch up the finish.  There is nothing like a "touch up phosphate" like there is for bluing.  The phosphating chemical won't do anything to steel unless it is dipped into a heated bath.  One owner wrote me and said he had matched some touch up paint, you could give this a try.

I can tell you there is no point in refinishing those two grooves on the sides of the receiver, they will scrape shinny the next time you pump it.

Total Refinishing
Just like any gun, you can get a complete refinishing.   If you are primarily interested in the investment value of the gun, I'd duplicate the original finish.

Ever other finish known to guns is always an option.  Be careful here.  I've seen a few guns refinished in bright, shinny chrome.  If you do this to a gun that you really plan to use for defensive purposes you might add a hat with a red flashing sign that says "Here I am, shoot me!"

If I was going to use the gun, I'd send it to Walter Birdsong for his Black-T finish.  There are no better finishes to be had:

        WE Birdsong & Associates (Black-T)
                1435 Monterey Road
                Florence, MS 39073
                (601) 939-7448

As of OCT-25-00 I'm told it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete and could be done for $150.00

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