SPAS Questions

I'll be glad to try to answer any questions you have on the SPAS, but remember I'm not an expert, more of a repository for information.  And if you have any information to contribute, or just want to say hi, that will be great!

 You can have your answer right away!  Don't have to see when/if I will reply.   Try it!!!

I don't know about any parts sources that aren't listed here

I don't know about any replacement pushbutton safeties for sale.

This is and is not   I don't know why your order at SPAS-12 hasn't shipped or why they don't reply.

All my advice on buying a gun is here.

Please DO NOT write to ask where you can buy a part or a gun, or what a gun is worth.

I've spent hours upon hours creating this site, putting everything I know on it.  I spend hundreds of dollars per year hosting my sites which generate no income whatsoever --  all just because I'm a nice guy.  :)  There is nothing I've held back -- why would I?  So please don't write and ask me.

If you can't find your answer, or you'd like to say hi (please do!), click on one of the following.  I don't mean to scare everyone to death, there are no dumb questions, I wouldn't have a website if I wanted to be left alone.  I just got so desperately tired of being asked the four questions above.  If you don't want to ask one of them, please do write!

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