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The basic information is there are three basic styles of stock:

Just about everything fits on every gun except: Always buy a stock with the grip parts as a set.  You'll have to drill out the rivet to get the metal stock off the pistol grips, and then the wooden stock won't fit the grips.

Let' start gun by gun.


The first SPAS-12 came with either a folding metal stock with hook or a detachable wooden stock.:

See Folding Stock Versions below.

The wooden stock detached:

That is "detached" as in with a screwdriver and an allen wrench, it does not pop off.

Early on at some point the wooden stock was replaced by a one-piece synthetic stock:


I have also read that at one time "Choate made a skeletonized plastic stock which some, especially those who find the SPAS-12 factory pistol grip too large, will find more comfortable."


The LAW12 manual we have indicates it normally came with the detachable wooden stock previously offered on the early SPAS12:

The manual also said a folding metal stock was available as an option, but I've not seen one:

Note that this is not identical to the SPAS12 stock, it does not latch to the rear site like the original SPAS12 stock does.  I've seen a few like these on SPAS12's.  See Folding Stock Versions.  A SPAS12 metal stock will NOT fit your LAW12.


The SAS12 originally came with the same detachable wooden stock:

I have seen some at a gun show that used the one-piece synthetic stock shown above on the SAS12.

A SPAS12 metal stock will NOT fit your LAW12.

Stock Type Details

Detachable (Wood)

One-Piece (Polymer)

Folder (Metal)

Is It Legal?

Tim, a reader off this site, was curious if it was legal to go put a folding stock on a SPAS that didn't come from the factory with one.  The law on this subject is very confusing, I read it once and only had more questions.

He researched this and writes:

"Here is a letter from the BATF concerning SemiAuto Shotguns, and the Ban:

Basically, this means that it is LEGAL to take a post 89 or 94 SPAS (Fixed stock, 5 rd magazine), and add a folding stock.

You still can't legally add the mag extension, however -- maybe."

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