Two Styles of the Operating Handle (26) and Breech Block Slide (24)

Steve C. was kind enough to point out there are two styles of the Operating Handle (Part #26) and the Breech Block Slide (Part #24).

Parts Shown:
  24) Breech block slide
  26) Operating handle
  27) Operating handle retaining spring


This is the Operating Handle, Part #26.  Notice there are two types which I have labeled Type A and Type B.

It appears that the Type B was made from a Type A part.


This is the Breech Block Slide, and I have again marked the two as Type A and Type B.  The Type B part has a round hole, where as the Type A has a keyhole of sorts.

This picture also shows Part #27.  This holds the handle in.  Sometimes it is weak or even missing, and the handle will fall out.  Type B also uses this spring; it would normally be visible through the hole but has been removed.

The Type A Handle only fits the Type A Slide, and B only fits B.


Steve found a little problem with his Type B -- it broke off right where the notch for the spring to grab it is cut

Why Two Types?

Steve has thoughts about which might be an older style.  From what I have seen of Franchi, they were a small company that would do whatever it takes to get guns out the door.

I think they found themselves with a bunch of the 24B parts when they needed 24A.  Maybe they couldn't mill the fancy hole, so they drilled a round hole in them?

So they cut the 26A handle down to make the 26B part.  You can do this too, make a 26B from a 26A if you need the other.

And, yes, milling the part thinner made it weaker, so it broke more easily.  Another variation for the Buyer's Guide?


The dimensions from Steve:

Diameter of cylindrical hole in 24B  - 7mm (0.276 inches)

Dimensions of milled slot in 24A 9.08mm (0.356 inches) along barrel axis, 5.09mm (0.197 inches) tall  at highest part where the rib on the cocking lever fits in.

Part 24A is machined to 6.75 mm to fit the 7mm hole. The milled area extends from the inboard end of the cocking lever 21.78mm (0.857 inches) along the forward edge and tapers to normal thickness as it clears the bolt.

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