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Factory Accessories

Diverter or Spreader

Below is a better look at the spreader or "diverter" (thanks Dennis) which can be seen with target patterns in the 1988 Gun Buyer's Annual article (can be seen here).  Note it consists of two parts -- a piece that screws on the end of the barrel and a second piece that screws over the first.  Part one is tightened on the barrel, the second rotated till properly aligned and the set screw tightened (indexing).  (Don't let anyone sell you just part two -- this happened to me!  Well, buy it for sure, just pay what it is worth.)


 I sure as heck wouldn't shoot a slug through it!!!!

What is It?

A diverter screws on the end of a SPAS, SAS, LAW, or SPAS15 just like a choke tube would -- the thread protecting cap is removed and it is screwed on.  (Don't forget that O-ring!)

Since a diverter must be horizontally oriented, it is made in two pieces so it can be "indexed."  The part that screws on the gun (the adapter) is screwed down tight against the O-ring.  Then the second part is screwed on, rotated until level, and held there with the setscrew.

A little secret -- this part has never seen Italy or Franchi.  It was supplied by the importer of the gun.  The second part that flattens the pattern was an off-the shelf part from a US company.  The importer made the adapter that screws onto the gun barrel.

Another "factory" part that really isn't -- the scope mount.

What are they worth? The same thing as anything that is a collectible because it is no longer made -- whatever someone will pay for it.

What does it do?

It spreads the shot pattern horizontally.   Since people are tall and thin, your shot pattern is best if short and wide.  This gives the best chance that the two will line up somewhere.

A lot of people call a shotgun a "scattergun", but I assure you if you shoot even a short-barreled shotgun loaded with buckshot across a room, you will get a very tight shot pattern on the other side of a room.  It will likely be about 1-2" in diameter.  Terribly lethal if it hits, not so if it misses.  So it really isn't a scattergun, you really do need to aim it at the bad guy.

Chokes try to make the pattern even tighter -- the diverter is an odd item that tries to make it worse, bigger.  It tries to make it just wider, not taller, the idea being that you want a "fan" out the end because people are tall and not wide.

An article claims it to have a 4:1 spreading ratio.  Now keep in mind, you still won't have a scattergun.  That 2" diameter pattern might now be 2" tall by 8" wide.  Better but you still have to aim.

A later page shows pattern with and without the diverter.  They show the pattern to be 2 feet tall and 6 feet wide -- at 25 yards.  Advice -- don't shoot in self defense at 25 yards. :-)

SPAS Scope Mount

Below are pictures of a genuine "factory" scope mount I own.  It appears to have been made by the US importer, and not Franchi.  I wouldn't promise anything, but I think it should fit the SPAS, SAS, and LAW.

It comes with two cap head bolts with spring washers  that replace the two pins that hold in the trigger group and an instruction sheet.  The top has a "Weaver style" rail built-in.

SPAS Tool or "Key"

A special tool made for the SPAS-15  is available from Franchi.  It also offers some utility with the SPAS-12:

It has five functional areas identified above (please excuse the humor):

A. Screw driver tip that doesn't fit anything, used to tear up screw slots

B. Double flat hole of no purpose I've yet found

C. Slot to remove beer bottle caps

D. Tool to remove or tighten chokes and barrel thread cap

E. Swivel nail -- Pushes out trigger group pins.  A second use -- hold tool in hand with nail extending between fingers, stab assailant if SPAS jams.  (A little more humor)

As you can see, I didn't know much about the tool's use -- so I wrote Franchi:

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> Hi,
> I apologize for this mail in English,  I only know about 5 words in
> Italian. I have a web page that is the unofficial USA "home" for the
> with lots of information.
>> I would like some information on the use of the Key or "Clef."  Could
> you tell me exactly what each of the features of the Key are used for
> with a SPAS-12?  I would like to add this information to my web pages.
>> Thanks very much!
>> Chris

Dear Chris, the key you refer is the "Service Key" of the SPAS 15, it can
also be used for the SPAS 12 and it is supplied as accessory.
With the key it is possible to punch out the pins of the trigger assembly
or screw/unscrew the chokes on the muzzle. It is also usable as screw

They were also kind enough to offer to air mail me a factory user's manual which I will scan and add to this site if it doesn't duplicate the manual already here.  (It did)
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