Franchi Folding Metal Stock

Now things get complicated -- the Metal Folding Stock!!

Folding Stock Versions

I have seen three distinct styles of factory folding stocks on the SPAS/SAS/LAW family as of late.  I'm making up these "Type" letters to make them easier to write about.
Type How it Latches Open Can it Use a Hook? Guns it Fits
A Latches to SPAS12 rear sight Yes SPAS12 ONLY
B Latches with Pushbutton on Receiver Yes SPAS12, SAS12, LAW12
C Latches with Pushbutton on Receiver No SPAS12, SAS12, LAW12

The Type A stock came with all the original SPAS12's with folding metal stocks, and the Type B came with all the original LAW12's and SAS12's.

Franchi was a small outfit, and towards the end they did sometimes substitute parts to get the guns out the door, or get the cost down just a tad.  I have sworn statements from people that their SPAS12 came from the factory with a Type B stock.  OK, so it may be a "factory" stock in some cases, but it is generally a SAS12 or LAW12 stock put onto the SPAS12.  It doesn't latch to the rear sight which makes it less desirable.

The Type C is a mystery.  They are out there, I guess at some point Franchi stopped shipping hooks with either the LAW12 or SAS12, so they left out the parts for the hook to go into.

Obviously, you'd rather have a Type A on an SPAS12.  Also note the type A won't fit on the SAS12 or LAW 12, as it won't latch folded.

How It Latches Open

Type A Stock - Note lack of Ear, Latch Parts highlighted in yellow.

Type B & C Stock -- Note Ear, lack of Latch Parts -- but it does have a clearance hole for the SPAS12 rear sight.
The little round hole in the right image is where the rubber bumper should be (from the other side).

Note that, except for the reinforcing ridges, the metal above is flat.

There is yet another version that has little "ramps" that depress the button as you move the stock.
I have only seen this in the Type B & C.

Note that while 3 of the needed parts to latch to the rear sight are available (78, 84, 85), the bracket that holds them is not (highlighted red).  This makes a conversion difficult, not to mention you'd have two locks unless you sawed off the ear.

How Does It Mount?

The normal way for the metal stock to mount is with a big bolt as shown above.  It sticks out beyond the grips and has a beveled edge.  The hole in the middle is smooth walled, not tapped, and shallow.

As it shows on the Wooden Stock page, some of the metal folders (Type B & C) use the grips designed to mount the detachable wooden stock along with the special big bolt needed for it.

Pin Types

The metal stock can be attached to the pistol grips with one of three styles of pin:

The #122 is plain and riveted.  The #126 is also riveted, but adds a sling attachment point.  The #127 is held with a C-clip, so it can be detached.

Can It Use A Hook?

As you can see in the image above, there are several parts in the end of the folding metal stock that grab the hook.  For some reason, Type C of the stock doesn't have these, so it cannot use a hook.  The tube above is actually the end of the hook sticking out.

The parts are held in by the two metal ears, one on each side, and a tab sticking in the round hole.  If you pull the ears in this plate will pivot out and the assembly will come apart.

In the image above you can see three of the parts, the bracket with the ears, a tube that the pin on the hook presses against, and a spring behind the tube that keeps it from being depressed.

Deep inside is the last part, the plate with notches that provides the detents for the pin on the hook to be caught in.  It has three slots that lock the hook angle, and a fourth slot lined up with the keyhole in the stock that releases the hook.  This part is held in place by two round pins.  I didn't feel brave enough to pry it off of them, but I imagine it just comes loose.  I was just told the Type C does come with this plate.


Yes, if it is a metal folder of Type A or B, it should have a hook.  A replacement hook is made since everyone took theirs off and lost it.

If it is an original Franchi hook, it will have this "F" on the bumper.  Also, the original has a much crappier finish on it, much more shiny and doesn't match the gun too well.

Comments? Questions? Additions?  Corrections?