Franchi Wood Detachable Stock

The wooden detachable stock was one option instead of the metal folding stock on the early SPAS12, SAS12, and LAW12.

The stock does detach, but not without tools and time, it doesn't pop off.

This stock can be mounted on any of the three guns.

Each type of stock requires a different type of mounting bolt.  The Wood Detachable Stock uses the one shown above.

It has a flat head, has a center hole tapped for 1/4-20, and is made of black painted Aluminum.  This holds the pistol grip to the receiver.

The wooden stock is mounted using a long 1/4-20 bolt from under the butt plate into the hole on the Pistol Grip Retaining Screw.

The wood stock requires a special variant of the plastic Grips (59 & 60).  These have a special bump that holds the stock in place and stops it from rotating.  (The bolt would have been flush with the grips if I had put the washer on it.)

Note that this style bolt is shown above with a metal folding stock, and the pistol grips have the bump needed to secure a wood stock.  I'm not sure why. Franchi was not a big outfit -- they often built guns out of what they had that would work.  These could have been leftovers from when they offered the detachable wooden stock.  I have only seen this on metal folding stocks of the Type B or C, as this one obviously is.

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