Franchi One-Piece Synthetic Stock

The one piece synthetic stock replaced the detachable wood stock.

It can be mounted on any of the three guns.  This is a very light weight stock, a good idea if you are trying to make any of the Franchi guns lighter.

Each type of stock requires a different type of mounting bolt.  The synthetic stock uses the one shown above.  It has a flat head but no shoulder as do the other styles of mounting bolts.  It fits completely inside the one-piece pistol grip and stock.  It  has a center hole tapped for 1/4-20, and is made of black anodized Aluminum.

It is one -piece, meaning it doesn't need the Pistol Grip parts (59 & 60).  Once the mounting bolt is in place and tightened, the one-piece stock is slipped over it and held in place by a long 1/4-20 bolt from under the butt plate into the hole on it.  The bolt has a 10mm head.

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