SPAS Replacement Folding Stock Shock Absorber

Folding Stock Shock Absorber


The replacement unit is made out of black Polyurethane.  Many racers replace the rubber bushings on their car's sway bars, etc. with Polyurethane.   It resists abrasion, breakage on impact, tearing, water, oxidation, ozone, and many solvents, oils, and petroleum-based materials. Compared to rubber, polyurethane has better cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. Compared to plastics, it is non brittle and has the unique ability to return to its original shape. Polyurethane is extremely stable when exposed to temperature changes.

We will offer a lifetime warranty against the material breaking or cracking -- use at colder than -50°F will void the warranty and likely trash your SPAS.

The part has two grooves cut into it, just like the factory part.  Not sure if the second is needed, but it does make the part softer.

Note:  The raw material we have been getting lately can have some groves or marks on it from when they extruded it, not a shinny black surface.  Example:

This is typically only on one side, so if you put it in the right way it can't be seen.  Even if it can be seen it is no big deal, but I wanted to make everyone aware of it.

Instructions on installing it can be found here.

The cost is $32.95 plus S&H


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