SPAS, SAS, and LAW Stock Removal Tool  (New Version)


This tool is used to remove the very large bolt that attaches the handgrip (or stock plus handgrip) to the back of the receiver.   It is the exact thickness of the slot, and the exact width of the bolts used for the detachable and fixed stocks.  If you don't use a screwdriver blade that is the exact width and thickness of the screw slot, you will damage any gun screw.

The round shoulder keeps it off the grips when used with the flat-face Aluminum bolt used on the fixed and detachable stocks.

It is made out of extra-high-strenght Aluminum and not steel.  This is good in that it can't mar the guns with Aluminum bolts.  But it won't break loose a severely bound-up bolt by putting a long wrench on it.  Most of the time you will only need your fingers.  This new model is made from  High-Strength 2024 Aluminum and has a sandbalst finish.

(Again, this might be the only batch of 12 of these, and I'm keeping one..  People have asked for them, but our machinist wasn't happy with the work involved to make a good tool.  I'm passing them on at my cost, but he still might not want to make any more.)

For full information on stocks, click here.

The cost is $24.95 each.

Shipping and handling is a flat rate of  $8.00  per order to anywhere in the USA, sent via USPS First Class Mail (5-14 Days).

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