SPAS/LAW/SAS 12 and SPAS 15 Replacement Receiver Shock Absorbers

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A Brief History

The first SPAS12 and SAS12 and LAW12 used the old style shock absorber shown above.  It was (I think) made out of cast Cast Nylon 6, not a very good material.  It yellowed and became brittle over time.  The tit that held the part in finally broke off  on most of them, with the rest suffering a fracture of the whole part into shards.  

Franchi then converted to this part, the new style.  It was still cast nylon with a tit, but had two new features.  One, a steel face (with belly button hole) and, two, a slotted cylinder body versus the old "Hershey's Kiss."  The steel face did stop the total fragmentation of the part; it distributed the load evenly to all the material.  

The old style really had no way to compress when hit except deform the small amount outside the receiver's recess.  The new part had a much longer body and the whole body could compress.  The grooves on the sides allowed the part to deform and get a bit "fatter" when hit, allowing it to take the shock better.  It lasted longer, but the nylon still turned yellow and brittle.  And the tit broke off, releasing not only nylon shards but the steel disc into the gun's action.

This new style was also used on the SPAS15.

More details on how they failed.

Replacement Parts


I make replacements for both the old style and new style shocks.  The material used is UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene.  For information on materials -- UHMW Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Nylon -- click on Material Properties.   The part material has a forever guarantee -- it will outlast you and the gun.  We have never had a failure (or a single customer return for any reason).

Why the Screw?  Don't You Like Tits?

I use a small screw to hold the shock in.  Yes, you can buy replacement parts with the plastic tit on them.  They pop right in!  And they will fall right out.  You can use one if it falling out at some point won't be a problem -- carry a spare!  Yes, sure seems simpler to pop one in.  But Franchi never made that work, and you likely won't either.

Old-Style vs. New Style

Be sure you determine which part you need -- the new style or the old style. Look here for details.  (Yes, if you mess up, I'll swap parts).


Material Properties
Which Style Do You Need?


The cost is $39.95 plus S&H 
The cost is $34.95 plus S&H
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Shipping and handling is a flat rate of  $8.00  per order to anywhere in the USA, sent via USPS First Class Mail (2-5 Days).



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