SPAS O-Rings


The  O-Ring (part #54) is often lost or damaged.  They were getting too expensive, so I decided to start selling them two for a dollar.

Note that this part fits as the piston seal on the magazine tube -- and as the O- ring on the end of the barrel, the one the thread protector snugs up against.

I am selling rings made of Neoprene, the stock material.  Some have written saying they would like to go or have gone to a Hydraulics place for a "better" one, by which I think they mean BUNA-N.  I bought a bag of those too -- but while the material "feels" better, more solid, shinny finish -- the original Neoprene is much better for your SPAS.  For one thing, it doesn't take a compression set like BUNA-N does.

Here is the deal on the O-rings, and please read carefully.

Address an envelope to yourself, put a stamp on it, fold it up, and mail  it with a dollar (US cash) for every pair of O-rings you want.

Send to:

   C.A.T., Inc.
    ATTN: O-Rings
    PO BOX 292039
    KETTERING, OH  45429-0039

If you are already placing an order and want to add rings, you can use this button.  The cost is $1 per pair.

Shipping and handling is a flat rate of  $8.00  per order to anywhere in the USA, sent via USPS First Class Mail (5-14 Days).



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