SPAS, SAS, and LAW Folding Stock Hook


Yes, finally, an after-market  hook for your folding stock for less than $300.

This is  a high quality reproduction of the Franchi SPAS 12 Stock Hook.   It also fits any of the folding stocks -- SPAS, SAS, LAW.

The hook is manufactured by another company from OEM Imported seamless steel tubing (exact diameter, wall thickness, etc.) and was bent on a custom built jig fixture to duplicate the correct degree bends of the original hook. The latch pin is welded in just like the originals and then the hook is zinc phosphate parkerized to Military TT-CC-490 Specifications. The plastic plug is lathe turned from high impact material. These are exact duplicates ot the originals with the exception being no letter "f" (Franchi Trademark) on the plastic plug. These look, fit and function exactly as the original hooks.

The cost is $79 each.

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