Franchi SPAS12 Shotgun

The "SPAS is an NFA Weapon" $10,000 Challenge

Seems like a month doesn't go by that someone doesn't write that their dealer, or a seller, or a buyer, or somebody claims the SPAS12 is an NFA weapon.  These are guns like machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, silencers, etc.  Their transfer is carefully controlled by the BATF, and all such NFA weapons are listed in a special registry held by the NFA section of the BATF.  They can only be transferred by special Type 3 dealers.

The problem is that proving something isn't is hard to do.   The dealers and others claiming this to be true generally cannot be talked out of it.

So I will take a shot at it with my $10,000 challenge!!

Send me clear proof, preferably from the BATF, that the Franchi SPAS12 is an NFA weapon, and I'll send you $10,000!!

Go on, if you're so sure -- that $10,000 is waiting for you!

For more information on this, and on a few guns that have been made NFA weapons like the Street Sweeper and USAS, see spas.htm.

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