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An Owner's Review of His SPAS-15

In the far-off land called the UK, the place were we all know they almost don't allow any gun ownership, it is still legal to import and own a SPAS-15!  They do require the fixed stock (minimum overall length) and a 24" barrel (special UK version).  Some classes of owners are limited to 3 round magazines, some aren't.  Note the big "crimps" in the magazine to block it to 3 shots!

Here is a letter, a "review" of sorts from a new owner.  I'm putting it here for those who wonder what it would be like to actually use one of these guns now briging $4500 US.  Mark was kind enought to let me publish this.  Mark was also kind enough to supply the scanned SPAS-15 manual elsewhere at this site.

Hello Chris,

The Long Wait finally ended on Tuesday.  My local dealer phoned to say my SPAS 15 had arrived.  He sounded very excited on the phone and told me he'd never seen anything like it !!   Having waited 7 months 7 days, I could wait no longer, and I immediately booked the rest of the week off on holiday!  I went straight home to pick up the gun, my first impression on opening the box was WOW!  It looks awesome !  I was pleasantly surprised to find the gun lighter than I had expected, and narrower.  I got two magazines with the gun, and the total cost was 900 UK pounds (approx. 1500 US Dollars).

Wednesday was my first day of fun with the SPAS 15, I loaded up with Winchester Super X Slugs, CBC Slugs, Express 00 buckshot, and some Gamebore 12 ball 36 gram buckshot.  The SPAS 15 ate it all without a hitch.  Recoil when fired from the shoulder was low, and the gun was very controllable.  Having exhausted my ammo supply I toddled off back home to get some more ammo - this time I loaded up with 28 gram #9 target cartridges.  The SPAS was very well behaved when fired single handed (and using the shoulder sling of course) and the muzzle stayed on target.  There was only one misfeed with a #9 target load and that was when fired from the hip, supported by both hands but not touching my body.

So far I've tried over 200 cartridges through the gun, and I'm VERY happy  it!   I had loads of fun on Saturday when I was shooting a a metal plate at distances of 80-100 yards.  Now I have to stock up on ammo as I didn't realise how hungry this gun would be!

Cleaning the gun was a bit fiddly, everything inside the barrel shroud had a light coating of oil which collected the burnt powder.  I removed the stock, but I couldn't manage to get the bolt and bolt carrier out of the receiver, but I know they should come out!

I will try to take some photos over the Christmas holidays, and will email them sometime in January.

To summarise, the SPAS 15 is awesome.  I was impressed by the looks, feel, quality and performance of the gun.  I love it!

Proud new SPAS 15 owner!

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