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A UK Resident Buys One of Each

In the far-off land called the UK, the place were we all know they almost don't allow any gun ownership, it is still legal to import and own a SPAS-15!  They do require the fixed stock (minimum overall length) and a 24" barrel (special UK version).  Some classes of owners are limited to 3 round magazines, some aren't.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.  Yes I do live in the U.K. and both SPAS have 24" barrels and are
restricted to three shots overall. They are great fun to use although a little greedy  with
the ammo. I always wanted a SPAS 12 and 15 since I was a kid and a long time
before its common use in films, and I must say that it was the discovery of your site on
the web that spurred me on to acquire both.

Both guns were very reasonably priced and the SPAS 15 was quite a bit less than the
one that was purchased by the chap on your page. Franchi were very helpful dealing
with my inquiries and altered both guns  at no extra cost. I would especially like to
thank Stefano Bernardini, who was most helpful.

Keep in touch.


[I wrote and asked about the 3 shot capacity restriction with the 8 round magazine extension on the SPAS-12.  He wrote:]

Regarding your comment about my SPAS 12 looking as if it has an
extension fitted. I believe it has and it was supplied like this direct from the
factory, I did not order it in this configuration and to try to make it comply to
the regulations they supplied a three shot plug. This was supplied as a plastic
rod which at one end was the size of a cartridge so it sat snugly in the
magazine tube. But the rest of the length was down to half this diameter and
marked in incriments of a cartridge length and at each incriment a number
indicating the number of cartridges in the magazine tube. The idea behind
this I believe is to enable you to trim down the plug to the desired number of
cartridges you which the magazine tube to hold.

Although this is not enough to meet current U.K. regulations as the plug can
be removed and the magazine tube returned to its original capacity. My
SPAS 12 came with this plug as mentioned earlier as I suppose Franchi
thought that this was enough to comply to the regulations. This being the
case when my SPAS 12 came into the country it was sent off to the Proof
House in Birmingham to have the magazine tube crimped, permanently
deformed, as to only allow it to hold two cartridges. The magazine tube was
also stamped with a Proof House inspection mark and a certificate is then
issued stating as such.

I hope this answers your question.

Keep in touch, regards,

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